A brand as a movement

IWeigh fight against oppression and conformity, disrupt the status quo and give a platform for their audience to celebrating diversity and promote self-love. What began as an Instagram story shared by the Jameela Jamil in March 2018, in which the actor listed achievements, quirks, likes and passions as opposed to body weight – a staple of the women’s magazine image gallery – quickly caught the imagination of the online community and now has a global Instagram following of over 1 million.

Sail’s approach was to focus on the brand as a movement, making meaningful brand communications to reflect the new ways in which audiences engage both online and offline. We value authentic activism and radical inclusivity, and it’s been incredibly rewarding to devise the new brand for IWeigh. It was important we created a strong brand that was dynamic but easy for the audience to own. The concept ‘Rebellion with cause’ reflects this and IWeigh’s ethos of inclusivity and positive activism. The typographic elements can constantly change and evolve to represent the world-changing issues IWeigh is tackling.

Times Square video: Sirius XM and IWeigh

“We chose to work with Sail Creative largely in part due to their female-led team and clear dedication to social change through design. Their approach to working with clients is a fresh departure from the standard creative process, with bold graphics and strong concepts and messaging, they developed alongside our team reflects our mission effortlessly. It has furthered our impact on a global level, reaching more audiences and strengthening relationships with world-known brands. We love our updated brand and are proud to have Sail as a part of our story!”

Jameela Jamil’s IWeigh movement, Erin Finnegan, Operations Director and Meg Ellis, Brand Director of IWeigh