Scarlet Women

Back By Popular Demand

Scarlett Women was a national publication produced from 1976-82 at the height of the Women’s Liberation Movement.

We were approached to work with Scarlett Women and Tyne and Wear Museums to produce a special 2019 edition of their feminist zine, to support recent research which looks at what has changed over the past 35 years (and what hasn’t).

The DIY magazine’s aim has always been to encourage change and start conversation and discussion. We had to ensure the DIY feel and the strong message wasn’t lost in a contemporary design. It was an opportunity to revive a national and historical treasure.

We had the privilege to immerse ourselves in the treasured archives of posters and zines, which covered many issues around feminism. Through the rich archives, workshops and discussions with diverse groups, collaborative ideas grew that would shape the contemporary issue and creative concept.


We approached the design taking inspiration from previous issues to ensure the tone was maintained through small nods to the past, whilst bringing a fresh approach to contemporary issues.

The special edition of Scarlett Woman will be exhibited alongside the classic issues, as well as having a special place in the Tyne and Wear Archive and Museums Archives and city library. It has also given a new life to Scarlett Women, who are now relaunching past issues and aiming to get together a new group of women to reform the group.

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