Space for possibilities and opportunities

Through workshops, we came together to debate and discuss the world they want to see. Name generation led us to ‘Tandem’. The name means to ‘work alongside each other’ which is exactly what they do as an organisation – they work with people to help them get the outcome they want. It also allows Tandem to showcase both sides of their business.

The asterisk brand mark gives the impression that this is a space bursting with opportunities whilst also referencing the spokes of a bike wheel in motion. Sail’s strapline, ‘Space to connect + progress’ cleverly sums up everything this organisation is about –  a welcoming space that’s all about people, not profit and gives everyone a fair chance to reach their true potential.

"It was crucial to find the right partners when we strategically decided to rebrand and rename Morrison Trust (a charity with a long standing history), to minimise risk. We worked with Sail on the project and immediately felt in a safe but forward thinking pair of hands. The process included valuable stakeholder management and insight to ensure key voices were part of the outcome. It was an inspiring process that took our thoughts and knowledge and turning them into a credible brand and new name, rooted in our vision and values to propel us forward. Throughout we felt confidently supported and guided, listened to and positively challenged.
Our new identity feels authentic to us and really shows the values that drive what we do – inclusion, collaboration, valuing people and equality.”

Sarah, Director, Tandem