The man behind the lens.

At the heart of his photography is a genuine interest in people and how they choose to live their lives. For Chris, portraits allow us to dip into people’s worlds and show individuals as they truly are, creating pictures that summon honesty and authenticity. His work is focused on presenting the subject’s personality whilst creating a visual curiosity gap for the viewer.

Sail was commissioned to create a credible, cohesive brand identity that would strengthen Chris’ position and bring clarity of services and values.

We began with a design thinking workshop to help define Chris’ values, brand tone, audience and positioning. This immersive insight helped Sail create a brand that’s rooted in difference. As well as representing his corporate services, Chris wanted to showcase an online storytelling platform, Pattern.

Chris’ life is all about what he sees through his lens which is why our concept is based around a circle. It also represents the ‘O’ in Owens because Chris is extremely personable and we wanted that to come across. We chose to keep the brand monochrome – black and white photography allows you to play with lighting and shadows for dramatic effect. And Chris’ work certainly brings drama which is why it needed to be the focus. We also chose a humanist typeface because it felt more natural and organic.

This new brand has brought fresh and objective thinking, creative ideas, energy and enthusiasm. Chris loves it so much that he’s taken it right through to merch with his signature ‘circle’.

Chris also wanted to create a sub brand that supported his values and we wanted to ensure our work did Chris’ work justice, and support telling stories of humanity, through curiosity and conversation. So, we collaborated, and dug deep. The results are a credible facing sub brand and a more community focussed brand, name, strategy and platform design: Pattern.

Read more about Pattern here.

“You made my brand come to life and it simply wouldn’t have been possible without you. I’m so appreciative of the care you gave it. And I’m proud of it, dead proud, that’s the best feeling. It has a purpose and meaning I couldn’t articulate when we first spoke. Thank you for helping realise that. Now for all the cool stories we have to tell!”

Christopher Owens, Photographer