Women of Tyneside

The Diverse ‘W’

100 years ago, through solidarity, courage and ruthlessness, and in the face of opposition, women were given the right to vote. 2018 was not only a time for celebration of this, but also an opportunity to listen, reflect, understand and explore issues and pressures that are still relevant today.

Women Of Tyneside work with a diverse range of Tyneside women and girls to identify and explore contemporary social issues which relate to women and gender equality, using the TWAM (Tyne and Wear Archive and Museums) collection as a stimulus.

Sail were commissioned to work with TWAM as branding and campaign partner for the project. Our objective was to celebrate and value women-giving women of the region a voice, whilst encouraging conversations across generations.

The brand has created a community of activists, and given a voice to the underrepresented women of tyneside.


‘Sail has the most creative, generous, honest, flexible and values driven team. The team’s passion for the project and strategic creativity contributed massively to our success. It has set the brand up for the coming years, and has had excellent feedback in the heritage and cultural sectors.’

Sarah Cotton
Collections Manager

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