Immersive and joyful experiences, accessible for all

The festival is an intimate and hyper local experience, encouraging people to engage with world-class arts and culture by using accessible, public and unexpected spaces. After-all—culture should be for everyone. The festival pushes traditional boundaries with programming led by community needs and voice.

Although the festival already had an excellent ethos and reputation, the existing brand was not supportive of it’s vision and purpose, it was also inflexible and lacked cohesion. Sail were commissioned to create a bespoke visual and verbal brand that encapsulated the festivals purpose, whilst accelerating impact, engagement and recognition. Working closely with the team, we undertook various workshops and consultation to define the personality, tone, and the brand approach.

Breaking boundaries, beyond culture

We distilled the festival’s point of view and approach further; culture is abstract. It isn’t just art, it isn’t just theatre, it isn’t just traditional audiences or spaces. It is about togetherness and experiences, questions and ideas, people and community.

The visual brand idea supports this vision, focusing on taking art outside traditional venues, into unique, accessible spaces. A bespoke typeface echoing the local places gives instant recognition whilst providing a flexible brand system. The letters move, scale, and flex to represent the dynamic scopes whilst allowing the brand to feel fun, playful and unique.

Keeping Doncaster pride at the centre of the festival, the letter ‘D’ is used throughout materials as a storytelling tool for messaging and imagery. This furthers the inclusive, approachable tone, again representing that the festival is an open space for all. 

Ensuring it is fully usable in-house, assets and toolkits were created that are able to be edited in accessible software, along with a brand narrative system and messaging framework for segmented audiences. 

The final outcome of the Doncaster Festival of Light branding gave us the ‘spark’ we had been looking for. It embodies the excitement and energy we wanted to radiate through the Festival with a ‘Come and join in, this is for you!’ attitude. We wanted the people of Doncaster to feel proud of the Doncaster Festival of Light and take ownership over it.

Lizzy Hewitt, Right Up Our Street, Marketing & Insights Officer