Equity and fairness for all

Every strategic and creative decision was audience-informed through workshops, focus groups and online discussions. Sail’s stakeholder management underpinned the brand; ensuring every decision was informed and from within.

Sail’s defined proposition and vision allowed us to create a forward-facing narrative ‘Where Visual Arts Meets Policy Change’. This created solid foundations for the brand identity, beyond a logo. Our process was underpinned by thorough accessibility checks, and included implementing and integrating UserWay, an online piece of software to enhance accessibility for their wide user base.

The CVAN ident represents a space for change by using framing devices taken from the V and A of Visual Arts. It frames issues with laser focus to make sure the most pressing challenges get heard first. It also represents both the coming together of policy and arts, and the mirroring and reflection which the network brings. Sail delivered a full brand toolkit, social media guide, accessibility guide, and implementation support across the regions.

“Working with Sail was an organised, efficient and insightful process. They managed and handled a very complex brand development for Contemporary Visual Arts Network with multiple stakeholders. Their robust design methodology created a space for online workshops, conversations and surveys to gather stakeholder insight, and was underpinned by regular project status updates. This approach brought energy, professional insight, kept momentum, and ensured a brand delivery on time and on budget. Their communication was outstanding and was very sensitive to our needs when we were nervous about the launch, and it provided such incredible support. The brand and how we communicate ourselves feel like who we are. Sail took our art form’s passion, advocacy, and personal experiences and translated these into a committed and robust identity that, as the Director of CVAN, repositions this organisation going forward. I highly recommend them.”

Paula Orrell, National Director of CVAN