What do you do with one mothership and seven sub-brand babies?

In what would become a year-long project, Sail worked with Wen to develop brand architecture for seven sub-brands to sit underneath the master Wen brand. We facilitated stakeholder workshops including local authorities, partner organisations and external audiences which gave us clarity to define each brand.

Each sub brand had its own strategic propositioning and narrative, colour palette, look and feel, and distinct visual tone. We also delivered visual assets including illustration.

The full stop on the Wen logo became a circle motif that was used as the constant throughout each set of guidelines. Every circle identity was different with graphics radiating out to reflect energy, movement and action.

Our partnership with Wen continues including exhibition stand design, video and animation for COP26.

“Sail is creative, highly organised, lovely to work with and goes over and above. They guided our team through the branding process, skilfully incorporating stakeholder insight and pulling it all together into a strong identity across all programmes.

Each project has its own colour palette, distinct look and feel, and links to the core brand. It’s created consistency and cohesion across our organisation. The detailed and beautiful brand toolkits for each project are a brilliant resource that will help us communicate more effectively going forward.”

Kate Metcalfe, CEO, Women’s Environmental Network