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Where Visual Arts meet Policy Change

We partnered with CVAN to create a new written and visual strategy to expand reach to parliamentary decision makers, arts organisations and artists.

CVAN has been working regionally and nationally since 2012 campaigning for the sector to be heard, valued and recognised so that the visual arts can thrive now and in the future.

They provide significant support and programmes for artists and art workers, and develop organisational support that promotes learning and knowledge. It was a delight to be tasked with defining a new written and visual brand strategy.

What we did: naming, tone of voice, brand strategy, brand architecture, brand identity, art direction.

CVAN’s representation of the visual arts as a whole means that they are able to consider and articulate the needs of individual regions whilst providing a national perspective. The vision is for equity and fairness for all art workers and organisations.

Every strategic and creative decision was informed by the 9 core regions of CVAN, as well as external audience surveys. We undertook rigorous collaborative workshops that underpinned the brand discussing the name, regional framework strategy, vision, audiences and visual interpretation. We would like to thank our regional networks that helped to shape this process, as well as collaborators and audiences. 

The strategic written brand focusses on the real change CVAN wish to see, developing a visual language beyond a logo. We encapsulated what CVAN stand for with a brand on a page, making it accessible and implementable.   

The CVAN ident is the iconic symbol of the network. It represents a space for change by, using framing devices taken from the V and A of Visual Arts. This concept is about framing issues with laser focus to ensure the most pressing challenges get heard first – to ensure equity and fairness across the sector. The brand approach is translated into image treatment, graphics, and a bespoke typeface based on Helvectica that has been created for CVAN. It is a flexible brand to represent action, togetherness and driving forward policy change. 

The brand was informed by our processes but with holistic approaches. This means we can work closely with stakeholders and networks to ensure all our solutions are bespoke and rooted in meaning. CVAN and the networks were delivered a full brand toolkit, social media guide, accessibility guide and support with campaign ready for launch. 

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“Working with Sail was an excellent process. They managed and handled a very complex brand development for CVAN with multiple stakeholders. Their approach was to create a framework using an online app focused on each meeting over three months. Their communication was outstanding and was very sensitive to our needs when we were nervous about the launch, and it provided such incredible support. The brand and how we communicate ourselves feel like who we are. They took our art form’s passion, advocacy, and personal experiences. They translated these into a committed and robust identity that, as the Director of CVAN, repositions this organisation going forward. I highly recommend them.”
Paula Orrell, National Director
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