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Words Bare

IMG: Michael McGuire Photography

In the UK, we are lucky to live in a society that is moving away from centuries of discrimination towards the LGBTQ community, towards social acceptance. However, many of the LGBTQ community are still victim to prejudice, simply for being who they are.

“We all have the right to be free from discrimination, and have the right to life, love and peace, safe from harm and challenges.” Amnesty International UK

Words Bare started in 2016. It shows prejudice the LGBTQ communities still face today, simply for not moulding into a particular social expectation/role. The lived experiences are centre stage, and hold a mirror up to society.

The artwork aims for the viewer to question why these views are still present and vocalised today, and to encourage the movement towards social equality.

The project isn’t about dividing, it’s about creating an outlet for difficult experiences to be seen and heard. It is about solidarity and unity, trying to help those that may feel alone, less isolated.

Words Bare was a physical exhibition that ran from 2016-2020 across the North East. Experiences and stories from the LGBTQ community were gathered and brought together creatively to question why some prejudice views are still very much present today.

IMG: Michael McGuire Photography
IMG: Michael McGuire Photography
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