Bodyfresh: Move Better

Brand consultancy
Brand identity

The brief
Bodyfresh provide a range of services to clients, to rehabilitate injuries or prevent overuse; along with bespoke training and nutrition programmes. As the business is growing, they needed a brand that to visually support this, bringing consistency to make them more reputable. They wanted something that would represent why they started, and have longevity for expansion.

The Solution
Following brand workshops, we built a strategy to reflect the businesses core values. The results from the workshops helped us to direct the brand identity. Our aim was to ensure an appropriate balance between the Bodyfresh services of fitness and functional therapy. Not too bold and not too soft. We focused on posture and balance, using the movement of gymnasts as a concept for the brand. We created something that is simple, memorable and represents movement, posture, and balance. The new brand is inclusive, and the simple marque becomes a flexible brand device across different applications.

Bodyfresh_Brand identity
Bodyfresh Portfolio move better-03
Bodyfresh business carsd

Sail had a knowledgeable, and passionate approach. We couldn’t have reached the solution we did without that. They were thorough, working closely with us from the beginning. The brand and communications portray our vision and have certainly given us competitive advantage. The brand is easily transferable into products and services, we are now preparing for national growth.

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