Mode Politik: Wear Independence

Mode Politik
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The brief
Mode Politik is a fashion brand with a unique purpose. Conceptualised by Patrick, a 26-year old Multiple Sclerosis sufferer, Mode Politik wants to provide high-quality fashion clothing on par with brands such as Fred Perry and Tommy Hilfiger, for those with a disability that may affect their ability to dress.

Finding himself struggling with the buttons on his shirt, Patrick decided to turn his frustration into an opportunity and create a range of clothing that would suit his needs whilst also being something that he would be proud to wear.

Being in the product development phase, it was necessary for Mode Politik to design a strong brand identity for the next stage of their journey. They commissioned Sail Creative to work alongside them to help create a unique, impactful brand that would encompass the integrity of the clothing.

The Solution
Following brand workshops, we built a strategy to reflect the businesses core values. The results from the workshops helped us to direct the brand identity.

Our question was: “How do we channel a feeling of independence through the brand? The brand needed to represent the following ideas: ease, balance, freedom, independence, choice and quality. We studied the ‘classic’ shirt, and came up with our solution: ‘Wear Independence’. The brand answers our mantra of simplicity, using an invisible vertical line throughout the brand, to mirror the doing up of a shirt.

This device enables Mode Politik to channel independence through the brand, whether it is on a billboard, or on a pin badge. It is also an idea and strong visual that will ensure they stand out amongst other brands in their industry.

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