Parakeat: Power to the Indies

What we did
Brand consultancy
Brand identity
Brand campaign

Parakeat is a mobile app that encourages users to dine in independent cafes, restaurants and bars. Parakeat help users discover the awesome independents in Newcastle that offer great food and the best ambience by taking the uncertainty out of independent dining, allowing users to filter by their own requirements including dietary needs (vegan, gluten free, halal) facility requirements (disabled access, wifi, plug sockets), cuisines or pricing.

We revolutionised Parakeat’s brand identity, creating a contemporary, memorable and unique icon and typeface. We also worked with them on their brand campaigns-keep your eye out coming to a screen near you!

Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 17.30.10
Billboard 0462 2018-02-07
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Storefront 0118 2018-02-26
Card 5115 2018-02-26