Women Of Tyneside: The Diverse W

Women of Tyneside
Research and Development
Brand identity

Sail are acting as branding and campaign partner with Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums (TWAM) on a 2 year museum engagement programme. The programme, Women Of Tyneside aims to work with a diverse range of Tyneside women and girls to identify and explore contemporary social issues which relate to women and gender equality, using the TWAM collection as a stimulus.

We started by conducting our own workshop with local women to discuss a very discussed topic: body image and identity. We have worked with the TWAM team on further outreach workshops with women aged 14-75, which has shaped the brand, the story, and campaigns, to be launched across the next two years.

Agreed objectives
To define the TWC brand as an accessible project which is relevant to people’s lives.

Celebrate and valuing women—giving all women a voice.

Communicate a new fresh, relevant and different approach to interpretation of TWAM collections with an emphasis on highlighting contemporary issues which are affecting women’s lives in Tyneside and social justice.

The brand should have wide appeal and should feel inclusive and representative of all communities, particularly those with protected characteristics under the Equality Act.

Criteria for success
Celebratory, inclusive, empowering, aspirational, engaging.

Creative solution
Our brand concept is ‘The Diverse W’. Bringing the W to the forefront of the brand, brings women to the foreground in a bold, celebratory and unapologetic way.

TWAM have a flexible brand identity, assets and applications to do internal roll out, as well as campaigns ready for launch.

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