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You can view the exhibition at Northern Stage, Newcastle from 5th July as part of Curious Festival

An exploration of LGBTQ people’s experiences in society. Words Bare is returning to Newcastle in July 2017, as part of Curious Arts Festival.

We are looking for accounts of prejudice the community are still hearing, covering LGBTQ communities from different backgrounds. However big or small the comments, they are all relevant and will be part of the exhibition. In particular, we are looking for more bi-sexual, trans and intersex, gender fluid experiences and challenges. Words Bare aims to give visibility of intolerance and challenge views that are still very apparent today.

You can view the exhibition at Northern Stage, Newcastle from 5th July as part of Curious Festival.

Please share your experiences by emailing mandy@sailcreative.co.uk. 

Since the 1950’s, the UK’s LGBTQ community has been part of a radical movement. It is because of this that the LGBTQ community in the UK now live in a society that is moving away from the centuries of discrimination, towards social acceptance.

However, many of the LGBTQ community are still victim to prejudice, regularly challenged through social comments and actions, simply for being who they are.

Words Bare is a self initiated exhibition that was first shown in Newcastle, October 2016. It is an ongoing research project and is returning in 2017. We aim to gather research from the LGBTQ community across the UK, asking what challenges and experiences they have faced in society.

Words Bare aims to put LGBTQ experiences and social challenges into the limelight. The artwork aims to question why these views are still very present today.

Words bare exhibition

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