RACE MATTERS. It matters not only because equality is a FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHT. It matters for representation, perspective, dignity, respect, evolution, and humanity.

Today, blackout Tuesday – what an incredible campaign showing solidarity gone viral. But, don’t just post. Share resources. Educate each other. We can all do more but we need the signposts.

Follow, read, listen and learn. Connect with the accounts of black voices. Donate to a black organisation so they can continue their crucial work. Think of ways YOUR workplace can do more. ASK black people. Understand your privilege and what you can do to do more.

We are in a world and system built on structural racism.

‘Racism is not just far-right extremist, it’s prejudice at the heart of ‘respectable society’.

“The journey towards understanding structural racism still requires people of colour to prioritise white feelings. Even if they can hear you, they’re not really listening. It’s like something happens to the words as they leave our mouths and reach their ears. The words hit a barrier of denial and they don’t get any further. That’s the emotional disconnect. It’s not really surprising, because they’ve never known what it means to embrace a person of colour as a true equal, with thoughts and feelings that are as valid as their own.”

Reni Eddo-Lodge

Structural racism stops equal opportunities. The system has never been equal. The leaders, the high earners, the decision makers are majority white. We need shared leadership, decisions and democratised power. We NEED representative voices and LIVED EXPERIENCE.  We need systemic change.

MAKE NOISE. BE LOUD. Do your research. Know who to vote for. And most importantly: ASK. Don’t be scared to ‘show your ignorance’, we have to be curious to learn. WHITE PEOPLE: LEARN TO BE UNCOMFORTABLE. CREATE CHANGE.

Accounts to follow and learn from (Thanks Meg Ellis!):

Use peaceful and democratic means to bring change.

Terrence Floyd

Educate yourself, don't wait for somebody else to tell you who's who.

Terrence Floyd

Know who you're voting for, we're still gunna do this peacefully.

Terrence Floyd

Peace on the left, justice on the right.

Terrence Floyd