1 in 12 young adults in Newcastle have a caring role, and often struggle with no support. A carer is anyone who provides unpaid support to a friend or family member who is ill, disabled, has mental ill health or is misusing drugs or alcohol, and could not manage without help. There are approximately 7 million unpaid carers in the UK.

A girl hoovering with a man watching on crutches

Sail have been working with Newcastle Carers for the past few months to digitise a campaign we created with Young Adult Carers last year, #WeCareToo. The campaigns aim is to raise awareness of professionals to help identify young adult carers.

Creative workshop with young carers. Everyone sat around a large table sharing ideas on paper and laptops.

To launch the animations, which were co-created with the Young Adult carers through storyboard sessions and scripting workshops, the Young Adult Carers organised their own event at the Royal Station Hotel in Newcastle, and invited over 100 professionals from the likes of schools, the NHS and youth organisations. The aim of the event, was to further awareness of the experiences of young adult carers, and the importance of identifying someone that may be looking after someone, to ensure they are getting support.

First image - Presentation at Newcastle Carers event. Second image - Presentation showing what a person looks like in an at home setting compared to in an office. Third image - Drawing showing inside the mind of a young carer.

We got to hear from the incredible young people, who stood up and shared their experiences and when they were identified – which was powerful in itself.


The event made sure all the young adult carers voices were heard and amplified, all of the team participated and took control of their own stories and experiences. This had impact, made people listen, and most importantly – made people take action. 


The event was truly moving, and only furthered Newcastle Carers purpose – to support those that support others. We hope the animations are shared far and wide to reach those that may need help identifying this role. A big thank you to all the Young Adult Carers for their work, determination and courage for sharing their experiences, to help others.

Image showing the emotions that come with being a young carer.