We are currently in the process of arranging our next B Social due to take place in March, open to all, to talk about collaborations and sustainability in business. The past two have had a fantastic attendance of between 70-100 people, highlighting the shared hunger for positive action. Both events were filled with buzzing conversation, ideas and discussion for change. 

I wanted to share an update on B Corporations as after doing some digging (for those that don’t know what a B Corp is, it’s a rigorous accreditation by B Lab to evidence your business stands as force for good. Global businesses include Patagonia, Bodyshop and the Guardian just to name a few. You can read more about it on a blog I wrote here: https://lnkd.in/gWGtG__D)

Sail Creative became the second B Corp in the region after Robson Laidler and shortly followed by our friends in change Crystallised. We can’t host a formal ‘B Local’ as we don’t yet have enough B Corps in the region, which currently stands at 12 and 20 is needed. Due to the rigorous process, becoming accredited takes both time and dedication. I have enquired with B Corp to find out how many are currently pending and how many are awaiting accreditation (as this seems to be taking longer and longer) so if that’s you please reach out to us, we are super keen to find out how it is shaping up in the region!

The upcoming event and B Social network is open to all, you don’t have to be B Corp or even want to be, but you do need a drive to make business decisions that benefit people and the planet first and foremost. 

The next one will see some celebrations about B Corp month, with brilliant guest speakers and support growing from other regional organisations. We can’t make change in silo! Stay tuned for more information coming soon…

Please note, we are not commissioned by B Corp to do this, it is just an idea Gemma Graham and I had to bring people together that want to see a better future. You can sign up to the mailing list here to be kept update (very infrequent emails, event specific only): http://eepurl.com/gm_xhn