How to go through the B Corporation process

Getting a B Corporation Certification is a rigorous process and I keep getting asked about our experience, so I wanted to share some insight on a wider scale. This is a blog on how we moved through the process. 

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You have your B Corp accreditation! 🎉 Now what…?

As a newly certified b corp, we, like most others, wondered; so we have it, now what? It doesn’t stop there. We’ve been doing some thinking at Sail and wanted to share some easy and longer-term wins on how to get the message out, engage your team, audiences and benchmark to constantly be better once accredited.

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What’s in a name?

A well chosen name is an essential brand asset. It is something you will use every day, through conversation, emails, documentation, brand applications, websites and voicemails. Think about how it will be used in your industry, for your audience and what you want the name to imply. It’s usually the first thing your audience learn about you. It needs to be a name you are proud of, rooted in your brand story, to give you confidence. 

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Hello I’m Owen…

Hey Everyone, Owen here. As Sail’s newest team member I wanted to share a little bit about myself and my creative journey so far…

Before joining Sail I spent some time freelancing under the name of [blank spacecraft] I worked with a wide scope of clients raging from sustainable fashion labels, artists, creatives, arts and culture organisations and educational providers. I have also developed multiple typefaces, type specimens and published a design book.

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Illustration, decorative only

Making brands accessible

Accessible design means that a wider range of people that may have impairments, are able to access information online, and offline with ease. Accessibility updates change regularly, but we have created a low-down blog for best practice here.

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Nothing for me without me

Brands are no longer static, owned by businesses or individuals. The world is changing, people want to feel part of what they are buying into. Brand is community. When you buy into something you want to feel part of the bigger picture – personal touches can go a long way.

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