Design Effectiveness Award Win

We have won an international award with the Design Business Association for our work for Newcastle Carers. These awards are judged on data-driven, evidence-based, effective design. 🎉

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Photo by Hello I'm Nik 🪴 on Unsplash

Brand architecture – what’s it all about?

Brand architecture is jargon in design which simply means a brand framework (or system). It is created to show how hierarchy of services and products fit within a business. This is important to bring consistency, visual and verbal order, thought and intention to disparate elements to help organisations grow, make decisions and market effectively. Any company which is growing, merging or going in a new direction needs to evaluate its brand architecture strategy which will support future growth. Most large companies that sell products have a mixture of strategies.

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Open the inspiration box

How, as creatives, do we get our ideas? How do those ideas inspire our commercial work? It’s a process. Inspiration for me often comes from an extensive back catalogue of nostalgic tv, music and film references all stored in my head. For me to be engaged creatively I need to feel something, and film and music has the ability to generate that emotional response I need.

By Danni Gilbert

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Creating a community for #Covid19 creativity

During this surreal time, we need to be kept creatively inspired, so we have created a site and project for people to share ideas, posters, phrases, writing, baking; anything that is keeping us balanced through this situation.

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Fishing into the Future

A recent project in collaboration with photographer Joanne Coates, Fishing into the Future showcases stories of those in the fishing communities, working hard to make a living.

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Our 2019 highlights

It’s been quite a year for Sail, we have worked on some fantastic projects, met some real game changers, connected with diverse communities and been humbled by some truly inspirational individuals. Life can fly by so fast sometimes that you barely get to take a moment and reflect on your experiences, but taking the time to write this blog only solidifies our passion for connecting with and working alongside people and audiences we care about. Here’s a few of our 2019 highlights. 

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