Asking, listening and co-creation have the power when combined to create an authentic brand that audiences will identify with and feel aligned to. It also increases the longevity of a brand and the organisation as it is designed with the target audience for the target audience.

Research has shown that brands that involve their audience in their decision-making processes and co-collaborate are viewed as being more transparent and trustworthy, something that has been lacking in recent years due to people becoming more cynical and switched on to what is going on in the world around them.

Why try and guess what people want, need, value, and feel when you can ask and listen to them directly? That really is the power of co-creation.

The power of asking and listening

So, why is it so important?

  • It provides an insight into your target market’s brains. What makes them tick, their passions, their dislikes, what they are searching for and wanting from a brand?
  • Gains and strengthens trust. As humans, we all want to have a voice and be heard. When someone takes the take to listen we then feel valued and therefore trust them.
  • Gains knowledge and understanding. This can then be used to really hone a brand that really resonates with your audience

At Sail we always work collaboratively with our clients and their audiences. We take the time to ask, listen and connect as we know how important it is in the brand process.

Overall, the brand should represent what the target audience believes in and stand for. By involving them in the process you can create a brand that better reflects the wants and needs of the audience. This in turn increases customer loyalty to an organisation and the brand’s longevity.