First things first – it’s important to take regular breaks and keeping in contact with the team virtually. Get outside at least once per day. Podcasts and the radio are great for company also to keep motivation levels up.

Creating space and practice
We don’t all live in a big house with spaces to work, but try and follow these tips which may help create a positive work environment:

  • Set up a table and chair somewhere with natural light
  • Use a laptop stand (if no stand, a pile of books work nicely)
  • Try and maintain a good posture where you are looking directly at the screen (or upwards)
  • Put up some artwork and plants to brighten up the space
  • Practice gratitude daily
  • Start your day with something positive (I like to read creative inspiration articles with a cuppa for the first 20-30 minutes)

Morning check in, 9.15 with a summary of the progress from the day before, and going through goals for the upcoming day. This helps with prioritising, if someone has too much work on, another team member can help. It is also an opportunity to make sure everyone is feeling well and okay physically and mentally. We also encourage an afternoon ‘virtual cuppa’ where we don’t talk about work and just have a 15 minute chat.

Brilliant for remote meetings, a free package is available. We use this for daily meeting and client meetings.

Time tracking so we can keep an eye on projects and notify clients if going over on scope.

Project boards and planning. We use this for managing projects and for a quick overview of tasks for the week and project status’. We also integrate with Slack so when things are added we will be notified.

File sharing and processes.

Google Calendar
Share your calendar with your team, so you can have an instant overview anywhere of your diaries.

Instant messaging – great tool to have conversations if struggling with motivation, sharing ideas and inspiration  and also to discuss individual projects.

It will be a test, but will bring new ways of working and if we can get through this we can get through anything! Keep safe and support others. 

Strength and Solidarity