Today is Transgender Day of Visibility otherwise known as TDOV. It is a global, annual celebration of trans, gender non-confirming and non-binary people with the aim of raising awareness of the discrimination still faced by trans people all over the world today, and what needs to be done to achieve freedom and solidarity.

The day was created by Rachel Crandall, a transgender activist, in response to people’s poor recognition and acceptance of transgender people. The day honours, supports and celebrates transgender people worldwide.

The community (for various reasons including discrimination, fear of the unknown and systemic issues) can be invisible in society. This heightens the level of vulnerability as issues such as violence and prejudice, which can often go unreported. TDOV aims to raise visibility and awareness, celebrating through starting the conversation, challenging discrimination, and being a visible ally.

No one should have to hide and live in fear of experiencing violence, discrimination or prejudice. Every human deserves freedom, peace and acceptance to be who they really are. Sail have done various LGBTQ awareness raising projects such as Words Bare, Queer is Beautiful, Rainbow Home, IWeigh and Curious.

If you have no associations with the LGBTQ community it can be scary to ‘say the wrong thing’ – but learning and trying shows solidarity. Educate yourself through film, books, conversation, panel discussions.

How can you visibly support the trans community?

Use correct names and pronouns
Using correct names and pronouns is crucial to your respect and support as well as creating an inclusive environment. Add your pronouns to your email signature to show solidarity of this.

Curious Arts’ LGBTQ+ Awareness Training
“Curious Arts’ LGBTQIA+ Awareness Training was developed in order to ensure progression and excellence in equality, diversity and inclusion in the practice of arts and culture organisations.” This training will educate, raise awareness and ensure best practice so that you can support the LGBTQIA+ community.

For more information email –

  • Set an inclusive place of work
  • Don’t make assumptions
  • Safe guard and be aware of confidentiality
  • Be patient with someone exploring or questioning their gender identity
  • Don’t ask personal information
  • Challenge anti-trans remarks
  • Support all-gender toilets
  • Constantly learn
  • Read the Transgender Issue by Shon Faye
  • Learn about terminology
  • Watch Disclosure which shows how the media has created and perpetuated often damaging trans stereotypes

Be an ally
Being an ally of the trans community is an important part you can play in changing culture to make society a safe place for all transgender people.